Kim Davey’s hosting style exudes passion and vitality. With a sense of humour fuelled by a clever mind Kim is able to engage and make individuals feel at ease with fun and banter.

Kim has hosted SYTYCD, World of Dance, American Idol and Fosse Verdon aftershows for Afterbuzz TV and appeared on numerous red carpets for season premieres, limited series, movies and live shows.

An inspirational voice for young women, Kim is founder of SHE SHINES ON – a dance tour company on a mission to inspire girls’ confidence globally. Through mentorship, coaching and overseas tours, Kim works to inspire and educate young women to build their confidence and step into their personal power in order to fulfil their dreams.

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Kim was born and raised in New Zealand where she was actively involved in dance, theatre and the performing arts. Kim went to Victoria University of Wellington where she completed an LLB/BA – Law, Politics and Theatre. After 7 weeks at a law firm Kim decided she was not being true to who she really was and quit to go traveling.

Kim has visited 27 counties and in 2015 visited all 7 continents in one year – including Antarctica. Her goal is to visit every country in the world before she dies.

Over the last 15 years Kim has transformed her life into one of passion and purpose, combining her love of the arts, travel and personal development into a business committed to empowering young women to live out their full potential.

A natural born leader both on the playing field and in the business world, Kim utilizes her quick wit and likeability to create trust and genuine connection with her interviewees. Her passion lies in presenting reality and uncovering truth in order to inspire and inform audiences.

Kim’s philanthropic interests include women’s education and empowerment, mental health, whole foods and animal rights. Kim is a staunch supporter of cruelty free skin care, fashion, accessories and homewares as well as a devout vegetarian.

A committed advocate of life-long learning and self-care, Kim can be foud at personal development retreats or on juice fasts as she deepens her understanding of self.

Kim has won numerous entrepreneurial awards such as Rock Your Business NZ and the Global Entrepreneur X-Factor Competition.

Kim’s passion of self care extends to the financial realm, where she believes the more you have the more you can give. In an effort to achieve this ideal, Kim is a licensed CA real estate agent and property investor with a goal of achieving financial freedom by age 40.

Above all Kim is inspired to step up and be an inspirational voice for positive change in the lives of young women through education and personal development through the medium of television and live events.